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Treasures in the Giant Mountains

Division Giant is a great area for lovers and hunters of all mysteries. Particularly those relating to the Second World War. I guess there is no other so rich in stories about the hidden "treasures" in the area of Poland. Practically every village has its legend of a German transport and this "Golden Wrocław and valuables are stolen by the Nazis in the various museums, and in turn to hide somewhere in a basement, the bunkers - the Amber Room. Not to mention the small family skarbczykach, almost en masse probably buried somewhere in the woods, and in home gardens or zamurowywanych the walls of houses in front of the fleeing Germans. Many a resident of Szklarska Poreba, Podgorzyn, Starej Kamienicy whether Karpacz has had experience of such safe deposit boxes accidentally find their plots, in homes or in other pre-war buildings. Most tend to be a minor thing, ie, single pieces of jewelry, cutlery, china or albums with family pictures. Eksplorerską kindle passion in addition to appearing frequently in recent times in our industry publishing books, such as: "Secrets of the hidden treasures," "War secrets of Lower Silesia", "In the circle of treasure and secrets of Lower Silesia" and many others. Who załapie already hooked Treasure Hunt, it is worth to note, however, that you can not kick or even walk down the marked trails, in the Giant Mountains National Park, virtually all buildings (even those in disrepair) are, however, their respective owners. Enjoy a variety of adventure begin to join the club one of the treasure hunters, which in Lower Silesia is at least a few.